They are up at TROY!!!! Yes!!!! So glad!!

When I finish all this flooring mess, I will be making some pillow cases to match! Maybe…..


I have had the pictures for a couple of weeks…. I have worked on this house since fall of last year.  My client has been thrilled with everything I did!  Which is always so nice…

Here are a few pictures of the master bedroom

Master bed

She wanted LOTS of pillows!!!!  I think I could have made even more than this, she was so happy with the pillows!!!!


Photos for the drapes were hard to get.  It’s all about “time of day” when shooting windows.  The walls are spiced vinegar and the drapes are a bluish green linen fabric, with sheers for extra privacy.

more drapes

This window is by the beautiful bed, I need to make a pillow cover for those pillows.

side table

Goodness we need some accessories on this table…. but I love the way it turned out with the different fabrics.

Here are some photos of one of the guest rooms we did.  It has pale cream walls and light yellow sheers on the window.

guest bed

White matelasse (I promise I checked the spelling of this word) bed cover, pale yellow sheer fabric bedskirt, pretty yellow toile fabric for pillows with fringe, yellow gingham fabric for larger pillows and super soft cotton for Euro shams.  LOTS of pillows!!!!!


bedside table

So, in my vision of this room, I really wanted this toile pattern and color for this bedside table.  Oh my mercy, it really HAD to be this and only this!!!!  Until I started actually cutting it and making sure the picture matched up on the front!!!!  Goodness!!!!  Of course, in the end, through all my frustration, it turned out EXACTLY how I pictured it would!  Beautiful and with a happy client!

There you have it, master bedroom complete.  Guest room complete!  Yay!!!

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After almost a year, I finally forced myself to finish the cushions and pillows for our house. I love the way they turned out!!!!

Well, after a couple of tries “editing” my post from yesterday to include more pictures of the other table skirts at Shoefly, I have decided to just write a new post, it may be a little easier, and I might get all the photos actually ON the blog!!!  Cross your fingers!

I think this may be all of them…. after SEVERAL attempts at a gallery….. I just uploaded them old school, one by one!  The shop looks great and client was thrilled…..

I have pictures of a house I have been working on, but am going to hold off just a little before adding them…..

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This was a really fun project to work on. I made table skirts for all the display tables. They turned out really cute!

I would love to add more pictures but I have no idea how.

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Who knew?!?!!! When one of my boys next door brings over green polyester pants and asks, “can you make these into shorts for me?”. Who am I to say no???? Of course I can!!! Really, all I could say for the finished look was, “oh my…..!!!!!!”


I was reading my months old House Beautiful magazine this afternoon, I literally gasped for breath when I saw this!!!! I cannot describe the joy these colors bring me!!! I choose a color very similar to the bottom color for TWO different rooms, in TWO different houses!!! Both mine!!! I love this color!!! It brings me HAPPINESS and joy!

Also, tranquility when I need to practice a little “bathroom yoga”!!!!!